About LockCreek Real Estate

LockCreek Real Estate, a division of LockCreek, Inc., is a full-service real estate brokerage licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate (formerly the California Department of Real Estate), BRE License Number 1097931. LockCreek Real Estate is a division of LockCreek, Inc., a full-service real estate firm providing brokerage, lending, loan servicing, and investment management services. For more information, please visit the Divisions page.

While our initial focus was centered largely on investment management, LockCreek has evolved into a recognized leader in all aspects of the real estate industry. Understanding that each client is unique, LockCreek Real Estate provides a client-focused approach to meet the specific needs of our clients and provide the highest level of service. We are anchored by well-defined principles and driven by a company culture built on a strong sense of purpose, a responsible entrepreneurial spirit, and a significant commitment to the communities we serve. LockCreek's agents are equipped to navigate the complexities of today’s market, from managing a portfolio of real estate securities to working with investors or clients buying or reselling property. In fact, our agents are uniquely positioned through our background in real estate investments to better serve today’s buyers and sellers.

Creating Value

LockCreek utilizes an institutional investment approach to offer multiple services through its sister companies, and provide clients and investors with the highest level of service. Having a background in institutional investment management, LockCreek seeks to offer the same advtanges to clients and investors that larger institutional investors capitalize on. Hiring half a dozen service providers while purchasing or selling property is redundant and expensive. By leveraging a single platform that has the highest level of fiduciary responsibility, not only can expenses be reduced but communication and client service are improved.

When purchasing or selling property, consider utilizing LockCreek for multiple services and we will have the flexibility to complete your transaction while minimizing expenses.